When is the right time to move into a retirement village?

Retirement villages are increasing in popularity due to their easy, low maintenance lifestyle and abundance of opportunities for recreation and community.

The first decision is deciding whether a retirement village is the right choice for you. The second is deciding when is the right time to move.

Many resorts are open to over-50s and residents don’t need to be retired. So, should you plan to settle in right after your golden birthday? Or is it best to wait until you are ready to move from your existing home?

There’s no perfect time to move into a retirement resort or village and each retiree needs to make the right choice for them without any pressure. Here are some things to consider when making this important decision:

  1. Move early and enjoy your new lifestyle for longer

Many retirees are choosing to ‘right-size’ and do away with the endless gardening, cleaning and maintenance that can come with a large home. They find they have more time for recreation, hobbies, friends and grandchildren.

Making the move sooner rather than later can make the daunting process of packing up and selling the family home a smoother transition. Making the move in your 50s and 60s may be easier than when in your 70s and 80s, with more time to build a new community around you.

Retirement villages are also the perfect option for those still wanting to travel as they can leave their home safety behind knowing it’s safe and secure and won’t need a lot of maintenance while they are away.

  1. Connecting with your new community

Still active, healthy and independent—younger retirees are finding that making the transition to their new resort home early in their retirement means they are easily able to make friends, join in the community activities and enjoy the facilities on offer with others.

  1. A smooth transition to aged care

Retirement villages are not the same as aged-care homes. They are for independent retirees who want to live a low maintenance and active lifestyle within a friendly and safe community.

When the time comes, moving into aged care can be a challenging transition, particularly if the environment and people around you are different to all you have ever known. Moving into an aged care facility connected to a retirement village can be smoother if retirees can still regularly and easily see their friends and enjoy the familiar surrounds they have come to enjoy.

Spring Lakes Resort is a thoughtfully designed over 50s community set on 50 acres of stunning riverfront land. With a 29-acre golf course and ample open space, you’ll feel a sense of peace and tranquility as soon as you arrive home. Designed for retirees who are active and independent but want the assurance of a secure community with a lot of the maintenance taken care of, you’ll fall in love with your modern home and well-appointed resort facilities that is also pet friendly. A future aged-care facility is planned for the resort. Find out more at www.springlakesresort.com.au


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