Staying fit and active into retirement

Retirement isn’t all about slow and lazy days. A new generation of retirees are recognising the benefits of staying fit and active well into their golden years and are enjoying the rewards of a fulfilling and healthy life.

But with the loss of routine that comes from a working life, and potentially a new home in a new location, it’s essential to be planned and intentional about building activity into daily life.

Benefits of staying active

Staying active is important to preventing and managing chronic and lifestyle diseases and in maintaining a healthy weight. Being active is proven to boost mood and energy levels, to assist with sleep and stress relief, and to increase the aerobic and functional capacity you need to complete daily tasks.

Do it together

Building an exercise routine with others is the best way to stay motivated. Group exercise classes, walking groups and swimming or dancing classes are great ways to have fun while exercising, and have professional instruction where needed.

But exercise doesn’t need to evolve around fitness groups. Playing golf or lawn bowls, or cycling with friends are also great ways to integrate activity into leisure activities.

Staying active in retirement is more than just physical activity and includes making meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Book and movie clubs, craft groups and board games are great ways to connect and help keep you mentally active. Keeping your mind active with new challenges has great mental health benefits, especially for those suffering from dementia.

Other ways to stay mentally active include learning a new skills or hobby such as an instrument, computing, painting or other topics.

Many retirees are making significant lifestyle choices such as moving to an over-50s retirement village or resort. Being part of an active community with numerous health and fitness facilities is a purposeful way of staying active well into retirement.

Spring Lakes Resort is a thoughtfully designed over 50s community set on 50 acres of stunning riverfront land. With a 29-acre golf course and ample open space, you’ll feel a sense of peace and tranquility as soon as you arrive home. Designed for retirees who are active and independent but want the assurance of a secure community with a lot of the maintenance taken care of, you’ll fall in love with your modern home and well-appointed resort facilities that is also pet friendly. A future aged-care facility is planned for the resort. Find out more at


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