Can my grandchildren visit my over 50s retirement village?

The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is special. 

A grandparent’s heart swells with pride when their grandchildren come to visit, and childhood memories are made sitting in Nanna’s kitchen with a homemade treat or running across Grandad’s lawn.

So how will moving to a retirement resort change those treasured visits and the special family time spent together?

Having grandchildren visit you in your new retirement resort home can be a positive, exciting experience for the whole family. However, it is important you check if there are policies surrounding resort visitors, including any restrictions on their length of stay.

There are so many benefits to having your grandchildren visit your retirement resort:

  • Sharing the exciting facilities and beautiful grounds of your resort together will sure to be a highlight of their school holidays.
  • The secure gated community and low amounts of traffic will have you feeling assured of their safety when they come to visit.
  • The expansive property and wide-open spaces will be plenty of room for your grandbabies to burn off all their energy from those extra special treats you’ve been giving them!
  • Their smiles and giggles will be sure to delight your neighbours and bring a sense of energy and vibrancy to the resort community.

There are however a few things to keep in mind to ensure you can enjoy many happy years of sharing your new resort home with your clan:

  • Many of your neighbours will have grandchildren of their own and will warmly welcome your family. But do keep in mind that residents have chosen a resort lifestyle to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing retirement and might enjoy a break from the energy of young children. Try to keep visits short and as a courtesy, mention to your neighbours when family will be staying for an extended time. Some resorts might require you to formally notify them of overnight visitors who are staying for more than a few days.
  • Be respectful of residents who may not appreciate a young child who strays onto their front lawn or accidentally lands a ball in their garden.
  • As residents age and decrease in mobility, ensure your grandchildren are aware of the special needs of neighbours and are mindful of others on footpaths and high traffic shared areas.

Bringing the generations together in an over 50s retirement resort is a unique and special aspect of living in a retirement community and your grandchildren are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Keeping the needs of your neighbours in mind and respectfully sharing the wonderful resort facilities will no doubt ensure years of precious memories with your grandchildren.

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